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Computer control


  • Exclusive control system very user-friendly with great ease of use and high performance. The result of lengthy development and long experience.
  • Dialogue with the operator takes place via a touch screen in the language of the user. Complete display of the washing cycles.
  • All inputs/outputs of the Computer Control are displayed by LEDs on an I/O card, located in the electrical cabinet.
  • Complete management of 80 different washing programs:
    • Water (liters or cm)
    • Temperature
    • Injection of 12 different products
    • Bath times
    • Washing and extraction speed
    • Water recovery, etc.
  • Manual access to all sequences during the cycle.
  • Automatic adaptation of the water and product consumption through the quantity of laundry loaded.
  • "Auto-Diagnostic System" : Any technical abnormality is detected, stored and communicated to the operator. The list of abnormalities noted can be consulted at any time, even during the functioning of the machine, and offers great assistance in maintenance.
  • "Traceability System - Data Check" : The last 240 washing cycles are stored and can be consulted at any time, allowing continuous control of the washing quality and machine output.
  • Integrated program "Back-up System".
  • "Interface Link" : communication by interface with an external computer in order to transfer the washing program and the information - “ Auto-Diagnostic” and “ Data Check”.

Example #1 of computer log

Example #2 of computer log

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