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Technical equipment

Standard Equipment

  • Pneumatic water inlet valve
  • Pneumatic steam valve
  • Thermostatic water mixing
  • Direct steam heating max. 10 bar
  • Pneumatic drain valve with large cross-section
  • Frequency inverter drive with single-motor
  • Automatic positioning of drum
  • Pre-installation for adding 12 liquid products
  • Soap dispenser for 3 powders
  • Cool down for synthetic laundry
  • Out of balance system with automatic stopping and restarting
  • Positive safety system in the event of stoppage of the machine:
    • Brake closed
    • Drum door locked
    • Water drainage valve closed


  • Electronic water meter
  • Supplementary water inlet valve
  • Supplementary drainage valve or pump
  • "UNICA DOSOMAT" : dosing system for liquid products
  • "Interface Link": outer communication
  • Water recovery + Hot water tank
  • Electrical heating
  • Indirect steam heating



"Hygienic-Medicare" version allowing perfect disinfection of laundry and separation of dirty laundry and clean laundry.

Tilting system

"Tilting System" for facilitating and automating loading and unloading of OPEN POCKET type machines.

Control cabinet

Centralized watertight control cabinet containing:

  • Computer Control UNICA CR-01
  • 24 volt low-voltage control and safety circuits
  • Pneumatic control solenoid valves
  • Frequency inverter drive
  • Various safety and electrical protection systems

Patented suspension

UNICA patented suspension.

  • No foundation necessary.
  • Preadjusted for life in the factory, maintenance-free, no adjustment necessary.
  • Capable of absorbing any significant unbalanced loads in the linen during extracting

Single motor

  • Driving of drum by frequency inverter drive with a single motor, placed on the top of the machine with easy direct access and control.
  • Braking resistance for effective braking, rapid and wear-free.
  • Pneumatic safety brake with very long service life.

Wide and ergonomic doors

  • Wide inner drum doors and openings with ergonomic height, without tension during extracting.
  • Automatic positioning of inner doors with outer door closed.

Automatic door

Large-section door with automatic opening and closing controlled by pneumatic cylinder (on Open Pocket machines).

High quality drums

Entirely welded stainless steel internal drum, with solid steel force distribution arms and oversized shaft produced from special alloy.
Very high mechanical action thanks to a specially studied design and perforation up to 40% allowing very high water flows.

Water Recovery & Energy Economy

Recovery and re-use of rinsing and other water. Preparation of very hot water at 90º by energy recovery and use of “ UNICA Thermostatic Water Mixing” in order to obtain the programmed temperatures directly, minimizing the requirement for steam and reducing the washing time.

Self Balance System

Hydraulic maintenance-free “Self Balance System” perfectly compensating for any unbalanced load (on Open Pocket machines).

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